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30 October 1975
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Lets start things with a quote because things have to start somewhere.

"Being funny is a means of avoiding scrutiny. It's a deeply concealing activity that invites attention while simultaneously failing to offer any detailed account of oneself. The reason humor is so popular today is that it provides the comfort of intimacy without the horror of actually being intimate."
-Andrew Stott

You can make what ever assumptions from that quote you like but now I should go back to trying to put something funny down for you to read next.

Seriously though I'm a geek, a nerd, and on bad days a dork too. Extra points for anyone who can tell me why I'm proud to be the first two and conflicted about the last. I work in a science mine and spend long hours chained to my pick hammering away at the basic underpinning s of the universe. Or at least an obscure detail or two. Currently the project I have involves getting electrons to line dance which is really quite fun except for having to listen to all the country music. Country music lovers out there you can feel free to educate me on why this would be heave and not an OSHA violating workplace hazard. Personally though I'm just confused as all hell by the whole thing as the last time I went to a country themed club they played Outkast all night. Hmm I think I was supposed to say some other stuff here. Well I'm married and polyamorous which I suppose I could talk about to any arbitrary length but I'm not sure if LJ needs another polyamorory proponent spouting off about it. Other than that I would like to state that the views in this journal do not neccesarily reflect the opinions of the fine people who created LJ, my firends who might read it, the other people here laboring at the international house of magnets, or the human species.

Ps: Long ago.. well not so long ago I was grettr on LJ and lo I lost not just the password but the email addy that went along with it. Then slouchinflorida was created but it was seen to be flawed as it would fail in the future when the slouch escaped from florida. Therefore a user name of incredible power was forged, one that would last for all time, and one for which it is hoped the password would be remembered!